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About Studying

Uni DUE – Guest Auditioning

Would you like to go to the university, but you aren't able or allowed to register yourself as a student at the moment?
No problem! If you have already acquired previous knowledge in your home country, the university Duisburg-Essen gives you the possibility to attend selected lectures or seminars as a guest auditor.

What is a guest auditor?

Auditing is a possibility to visit different lectures or seminares at the university without being a regular student. But as a guest student, you aren't allowed to write any exams. You can only get a certificate about the participation of the course.
There is a comprising selective of courses, which are allowed for guest auditors. If you are interested in a lecture, which can not be found in this list, you have to obtain consent from the tutor. This needs to be done before the application.

How can I become a guest auditor?

To apply for a guest auditor, you have to fill in an application form for guest auditing. The conditions to become a guest auditor are beeing 18 years or older, beeing in the acceptance procedure or having asylum already granted and having an university-entrance diploma.
Your educational achievement will be compared to the equivalent german educational achievement, to guarentee you have the same educational backround as the german students.

The guest auditing is free for you. For more information contact