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We’re happy to see, that you’re interested in studying at the Universitiy of Duisburg-Essen and in our Buddy program. This compendium should give you some information of what we expect from you in this program.

Here you can get the following guideline as download

As a refugee you will get a student, which is enrolled at our university, as a buddy by your side who helps you to cope with daily life in university. At the beginning of this program you should offer a few hours per week, so the volunteer can show you the university and explain the daily routine. As soon as you know more about the university you can probably spend less time on this program.

What you should do:
- Get in contact with the volunteer
- Attend at the lectures
- Accept help
- It would help you and your buddy, if you face each other friendly and with respect


What you shouldn’t do:
- You don't need to tell your whole life story
- You don’t have to give anything back (for example you don't have to give presents to your buddy)
- Don’t expect the volunteers to help you everywhere (focus on help with study issues)


Get in contact:
As soon as we found a volunteer for you, you will receive his contact details. Now it’s up to you, to contact the buddy, if he hasn’t already done it himself.
The mail should include an introduction of you, who you are, what you would like to study, etc. Just in case, that the volunteer didn’t get your contact details, it would be good to mention them in your mail.
If the buddy doesn't answer within two weeks, please turn to one of the people named in contact.
If you are mailing each other already, you can arrange a meeting, to get to know each other in person.

Meet up:
You two can decide on your own, where and when you would like to meet. At the beginning a meeting at our campus could be appropriate.
If you are for any reasons not available on that date, please contact your buddy, so he knows and won’t stand there alone.
How you use the time during your meeting, is up to you. You can just talk and get to know each other, or directly go and discover the campus.


Support of the Volunteers:
The volunteers' task in first place is, to give you a better understanding of the university life and help you orientating yourself.
There are no standards in which way this should happen, so you are totally free: You can meet up in person, or by telephone or just stay in contact via E-mail.
Please keep in mind, that the program is voluntary and don’t expect a 24/7-Service. The volunteers are students as well, so please take into account that they might need time for their studies and their private life.

Group Meetings:
There will be a few group meetings with other refugees and volunteers and it would be good if you take part in them as well, to exchange experiences with each other.
You can also have private meetings with the people, who are supervising the program. These private conversations can be used to talk about problems or concerns.

General rules:
In general it would help you and your buddy, if you face each other, but also the other people who take part in this program, friendly and with respect. Please be open minded and accept the help which is given to you.
You can talk about problems with the supervising person whenever you want, but please tell your buddy directly, if he does or says something you don’t feel comfortable with.
It’s not easy to get used to these kinds of new surroundings like university, but with the help of your buddy it'll be a lot easier plus way more fun.